5 Tips for Maximizing Your Beer Festival Marketing Experience

Beer festivals are a fantastic opportunity to market your beer! Whether you’re an old pro or new at the game, these 5 tips will help ensure you stand out in the crowd.

1. Plan & Build Buzz

Most festival-goers plan their trip in advance, so make sure you’re on their list of spots to check out while attending to build up some excitement as soon as possible.

  • Add the festival to the events calendar on your website (and on Facebook).
  • Write a blog post about the festival and what beers you will be featuring.
  • Spread the word on your social media channels & be sure to use the festivals official hashtag(s).
  • Write up a press release about what you will be featuring at the show and reach out to local bloggers and media to spread the word.
  • Blast those emails! Your loyal customers want to support you – keep them in the know.
  • For those not on your email lists, consider passing out post cards or create a message on your coasters promoting the show.

2. Customize Your Space  

Your visual identity will be someone’s first interaction with your brewery and your beer, so how can you make these pint lovers stop in their tracks and choose you?

Creating a one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted experience that will truly make you and your brews stand out from the crowd. You will definitely turn heads and stop attendees in their tracks when they see your fully custom-made tent, like the Airemos Endeavor 1000. The framed popup tents are fully-customizable and easy to set up. So easy, in fact, that all it takes is 90 seconds for you to turn thin air into a highly visible advertisement for your brewery, saving you time & ensuring every piece of your design, graphics, signage, color scheme, can be united by a recognizable signature that is completely unique to your brand.

Put more beer in people’s hands by making it easier for festival-goers to find you. Add accessories that stand out (link to accessories page) like fully branded arches, tables, chairs and banners. Lighting displays also have a way of attracting crowds. These waterproof, highly durable LED light strip will illuminate your space for all to see.

3. Create an Experience

Let’s be honest, at most beer festivals there’s usually not much room to hang out, let alone sit and relax – so give people what they want – a place to drink, chat and chill. Depending on the amount of space you have, create a space where groups can gather round & feel comfortable taking a load off will go a long way towards a lasting impression and positive association with your brand.

You want to give these potential good customers a reason to come back so other than offering samples, what can you add to set you apart?

  • Offer tastings directly from the fermenters and teach visitors about your process
  • Is there something unique about your tap room that you want to share? How about recreating that as an interactive experience?
  • Provide yummy snacks and water – remember, these festival goers will be chugging brews all day long.
  • Be creative with your tap set up. We say – anything goes… make it fun!

4. Bring Swag

Honestly…who doesn’t love swag? Nothing says “I LOVE THIS BREWERY” more than walking around with it on your person. If the first goal of a beer festival is to get people to fall in love with your beer and your second goal is to make them remember who you are. Forget the buttons – offer promotional items that are contrary to the norm and useful that will make a big impression.

5. Offerings Post-Festival

Host a giveaway at your booth to use to collect email addresses. While there may only be one winner, you can send festival goers a discount on their favorite microbrews or on merchandise – as a simple thank you for stopping by.

Your brand will be a consumer’s first interaction with your brewery and your beer. At a beer festival, your branding can be one of the greatest factors in a consumer’s choice to try your beer over another. Your marketing and promotional efforts are critical to bringing beer lovers back to your taproom. Ask us how we can help you grab more customers at your next event.

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